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your life insurance needs...

Determining your life insurance needs can be a time consuming and bewildering process. Your life insurance needs to reflect your own specific situation, and achieve the right outcome if a claim occurs. Sounds simple doesn't it? It can be if you get the right help.

Below are answers to some of the common questions we get asked:-

That depends on a number of things such as your age, debt levels, family size and your attitude to risk. We have a straight forward process we work through with you to identify your life insurance needs.

The cost will be a reflection of a number of factors such as your age, sums insured, the type of cover and sometimes can be effected by your health too. However there are ways of prioritising your covers to work with your budget. Level premiums are also a good option which generally speaking doesn't increase with your age.

Not necessarily. Our experience with the insurers can sometimes result in a better solution for you, that you may not have thought possible. Our job is to negotiate the best terms we can for you and sometimes that is simply about giving them helpful information.

Nothing at all. Our fee is paid by the insurer by way of commission. Generally speaking you would pay the same price if you were able to go direct to the same insurer. If you take out cover and decide to cancel it later we repay all or part of the commission, not you.

We have access to most of the major life insurance providers in the New Zealand market.

Our review process takes into account your current situation including insurances. We will recommend what needs changing and what doesn't. However we always advise that you should not cancel any existing cover until your have new cover in place.

Yes we can, and it's one of the most complex products to understand and compare. However our process will take you through the many options to help you decide a plan that's right for you.

Yes with some covers like Life or Trauma, you can have more than one policy. However with products such as Income Protection, you need to be very careful about the type and amount of cover, as it does have limits.

Yes we can advise you on the right covers to protect the financial stability of your business, for the repayment of debt on the death or disability of a key person. We can also help protect it from the loss of key people. Funds may be needed to hire a replacement or pay recruitment and transfer fees etc. You might lose business if a key person dies or was disabled. We can help you identify the risks and design an insurance strategy to protect the firm.

Yes we can advise you on how to structure life insurance to ensure a smooth transfer of shares upon the death or disablement of a shareholder. We work closely with your other advice providers such as your lawyer or accountant.

You might be surprised at how much protection you can provide for staff at a relatively low cost. We only need basic information normally, dates of birth, gender and a general job description to provide a quote. Group terms can be available for be as little as ten people and normally, without medicals, up to pre-set limits.